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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So go the dominos

At Michigan State, John L. Smith is out at the end of the season ... I've said it around the LSUBeat.com offices all fall, Bo Pelini would be a decent hire for the Spartans.

Pelini has coached at Nebraska, Oklahoma and now LSU and each displayed lights-out defense. Before that, stints in the NFL, last stop, Green Bay, not so far from East Lansing. Pelini was also the Husker's head coach (one game only) for Nebraska's Alamo Bowl victory over Michigan State in 2003.

Pelini was rough around the edges during his time at Nebraska as the one-game head coach, and that's being charitable, but since then he's had time to work and observe one great and another good head coach at the top level of college football.

Now is certainly the time for Pelini to become a head coach, we'll see if Michigan State is the place. I think it's a perfect match.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Bo, and he would probably entertain the idea of going to the Big 10, but I would bet that MSU is looking at Steve Mariucci, the good friend of basketball coach Tom Izzo. MSU will always be the "poor step-child" in Michigan, but if you can be competitive there, you can find a job anywhere, ala Coach Nick Saban. It is getting interesting, you mention dominos, look at North Carolina, NC State, MSU, Miami, WVU, Vanderbilt, Rutgers, Minnesota, etc. all as possible openings. There will be some jobs available. We will all watch to see where everyone ends up.

6:47 PM  

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