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Monday, October 30, 2006


Just why is LSU a two-point favorite at Tennessee on Saturday?

The Tigers have not won a road game this year. Tennessee has lost just once at home - to Florida when the Vols couldn't hold a lead.

LSU has beaten Tennessee exactly five times in the series. The Tigers are 5-20-3 all-time against Tennessee.

So it's not exactly like LSU has a history of success here.

And it's worse in Knoxville. The Tigers have won a grand total of one game in Knoxville, that coming in 1988 with Tommy Hodson at the helm of the offense.

Why is LSU a two-point favorite?

Apparently the folks in Las Vegas think LSU is the better team. On paper, LSU may well be.

But then again, LSU could have been the better team at Auburn and at Florida and didn't win either game. At some point, if LSU wants to make this season memorable and not just a dud, the Tigers are going to have to win a road game of value.

The folks in Vegas believe that time is Saturday.


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