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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Game day musings

After watching the Arkansas-Ole Miss game on TV today, let me just say that Arkansas will be a dangerous foe for LSU on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

That, you probably already knew the way Arkansas rolled over Auburn at Auburn. But watching them Saturday, you see a team that is playing with confidence and actually believes it is the best team in the SEC just as its unbeaten conference record would indicate.

LSU fans like to bash Houston Nutt as just a Dale Brown rah-rah coach, but Nutt has done an excellent job with this team. I thought he pulled the trigger too early in putting Mitch Mustain in the starting lineup as the Hogs' quarterback, but Nutt was right and I was wrong.

I also thought Arkansas was ripe for an upset on Saturday. But the Hogs took care of business.

The Battle for the Boot might actually be worth watching this year.

Switching gears, I caught analyst Ed Cunningham on ESPN Radio this afternoon. Cunningham will broadcast the LSU-Fresno State game tonight.

Cunningham says the Tigers will likely use Matt Flynn more at quarterback tonight regardless of the score because Flynn was healthy all week at practice. According to Cunningham, Flynn has been dealing with a shoulder injury through much of the season.

Hate to disagree, but if JaMarcus Russell starts 11-of-12 passing or some number like that, I think Les Miles stays with Russell.

Still, it's interesting to hear Cunningham's opinion and thoughts on Flynn's injury.

After hearing of some of Fresno's struggles defending the passing game, this one might get ugly tonight.


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