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Friday, September 08, 2006

For what it's worth

The folks at Yahoo have compiled a list of their most searched college football teams on the Internet.

The No. 1-ranked team should surprise no one. It's Notre Dame, of course. Ohio State is ranked No. 2 and really that shouldn't be a surprise seeing as how the team is ranked No. 1 in the polls. That stirs even the casual Buckeyes fan.

Texas is No. 3 followed by USC and Penn State.

So there is the top five with no SEC teams in the mix.

But at No. 6 is the first SEC team in the rankings.

If you guessed Florida because of the size of the fan base and the state you would be - wrong.

If you guessed Tennessee because of the size of the fan base, you would be - wrong.

Nope, No. 6 is Georgia followed by Alabama at No. 7.

Where does LSU fit in all of this? The Tigers are No. 10 as the most-searched college football team on the Web.

But cheer up Tiger fans, you search for your team more than Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Florida State fans.


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