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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Giving the D-Line its due

One of the neat things about keeping old football magazines around the office is to look back and see what people were thinking in the preseason.

In the case of the LSU defensive line: What were people thinking?

I'm looking at Lindy's top 10 defensive lines nationally. I see Florida at No. 3, Arkansas (Arkansas?) at No. 6 and Georgia at No. 9. Three SEC teams in the top 10 but no LSU.

Then I turn to Athlon's and see Florida at No. 6 and that's it for the SEC.

Do you think these magazines would want a do over about now?

Let's take a look at what the LSU defensive line has done this season. The Tigers have played four games, in three of those games an LSU defensive lineman has been chosen the SEC's defensive lineman of the week.

Glen Dorsey has won two of the awards. Chase Pittman won this week's award.

And let's not forget, Tyson Jackson has knocked out two quarterbacks in four games this year.

I don't know where LSU's defensive line ranks nationally. But I do know this: For one month of college football, they've been pretty salty.


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