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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Much ado about nothing

So I'm driving around listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Sirius when I hear Patrick and Keith Olbermann discuss Nick Saban's refusal to dine with President Bush the other night in Miami.

A Dolphins mouthpiece says Saban had a previous commitment with a special guest speaker he had address the Dolphins. Dan and Keith thought otherwise and then went on to speculate on why Saban would stiff the president.

The main gist of their argument was Saban refused to dine with Bush because of the government's ineffectiveness during Hurricane Katrina.

"The government abandoned Saban's family."

Olbermann countered that it would be hypocritical for Saban to hold a grudge with Bush since Saban also abandoned Louisiana.


I enjoy Olbermann's wit, commentary and observations, but he's off base on that cheap shot. Saban was long gone to South Florida before hurricane season had even begun.


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