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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kill the quarterback questions

If I'm Les Miles the first thing I say at SEC Media Days on Friday is this: "Quit asking me about the quarterbacks?''

For the life of me, I don't know how LSU got into this quarterback situation. JaMarcus Russell won 10 games last season. He didn't play in the last one. The Tigers won the last one with Matt Flynn at quarterback.

At any other school in America, Russell would be the starter and Flynn would be the backup. Case closed.

Yet for some reason (dare we say race?) there has been the persistent questioning of Miles about the starting quarterback. It came up again at a recent Miles speaking engagement in Westlake.

Enough. If Russell struggles against UL-Lafayette or Arizona, then you can ask about the quarterback situation. But to remember only Flynn's play against Miami in the Peach Bowl and not his play in the SEC Championship Game is an unfair evaluation of him as well.

Sure, Russell had some bad moments. He also had some good moments. The bottom line is wins and losses. And Russell had a lot more wins than anyone else on the team.


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