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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ready for some football?

The current issue of The Sporting News features an NFL training camp preview. Several former LSU players figure prominently in the issue, although some in less flattering ways than others.

For example, Michael Clayton may not be a big fan of quarterback Chris Simms since the issue hit the newsstands. In the Bucs' "Pure camp'' section, Simms points at Clayton for worst hygiene: "There's a whole lot of that, but I'd have to go with Michael Clayton. He'll skip a shower now and then.''

Former LSU star Trev Faulk fared a little better in center Andy McCollum's "Pure Camp'' section for the St. Louis Rams. McCollum lists Faulk as the Rams' hardest worker: "He does all the special teams, and they run them to death on those drills. I just remember him the last couple years, trying to make an impression on every play.''

Marco Rivera gives a little insight into the Dallas Cowboys' camp. He tabs former LSU star Marcus Spears for having the strangest eating habits: "Marcus Spears doesn't have strange eating habits, he just likes to eat all the time. He eats more than anybody I've seen, and it doesn't matter what it is.''

Rivera also pegs former LSU wide receiver Skyler Green as a potential whipping boy for coach Bill Parcells.

"Skyler Green has a good chance to be coach Parcell's whipping boy this year because he's been dogging him pretty good in the minicamps.''


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