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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Did Perrilloux make the wrong choice?

CBS Sportsline's Dennis Dodd makes the case in his latest column that redshirt freshman QB Ryan Perrilloux chose the wrong school.

"... Perrilloux not only didn't pick the right school, he didn't pick the right SEC school. At least five SEC teams could be breaking in new quarterbacks this year -- Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Vanderbilt."

Add to that a pair of first year quarterbacks about ready to take snaps for Perrilloux's first choice, defending national champion Texas, and you can't blame Perrilloux for daydreaming on the sidelines about what might have been.

Texas has to weigh heavily on his mind. The Longhorns are loaded and a five star quarterback away from contending again. One could make the case Perrilloux would have been that man.

1. He would have spent a year as the understudy to Vince Young.

2. He would have had plenty of opportunities to play last year with Texas running up big scores against the weaker Big 12.

3. Mack Brown loves showing off shiny new recruits.

It is key Les Miles gets Perrilloux to forget what might have been, learn some patience, and focus what might still be.

1. Perrilloux should know the LSU offense inside and out.

2. Perrilloux should have a feel for what it takes to succeed in the SEC

3. Perrilloux should take the field as the offense's team leader.

Like Ryan, Miles has to keep the Team Perrilloux entourage believing in LSU. There's nothing a high school phenom hates hearing more than his family, friends and fans asking when is he going to finally get into the game ... especially during a two or three loss season.

I doubt Perrilloux made the wrong choice, he just made a choice that most likely keeps on the sidelines longer than he expected. Like Texas, LSU can still contend for a national championship. However, it just might be with Perrilloux holding the clipboard and JaMarcus Russell lifting the Sears trophy ... in January, 2008!


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