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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Minor problem

It's been a long time since the biggest problem facing John Brady has been the return on his point guard.

But Brady's LSU team will be loaded again next season. The only significant losses off the Final Four team from last season are point guard Darrel Mitchell and forward Tyrus Thomas.

As crazy as this sounds, Thomas may be easier to replace. Darnell Lazare and Magnum Rolle should be able to fill in ably for Thomas.

And Mitchell should be replaced by Tack Minor. The only problem is LSU had its greatest success WITHOUT Minor last season.

This, of course, isn't lost on Brady.

"We need him to run the team and be positive and encouraging. We don't want anything to detract from the momentum we created a year ago,'' Brady said. "As a team, we can't allow that to happen. Certainly, Tack should understand that. Hopefully he does.''

Minor's ability to understand his role is far more important to this team's success than trying to replace Thomas. Minor can make or break this team.

LSU should be a national contender again next season. The ball will be in Minor's court.


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