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Monday, August 03, 2009

Underrated upset

I was watching SportSouth at lunch today and they were showing what I think is one of the most underrated upsets in college football history.

It was the 1993 LSU-Alabama game.

That was an Alabama team that was a defending natinal champion and one that would go on to play in the SEC Championship Game.

It was an LSU team that would end up at 5-6 -- the best mark of Curley Hallman's time in Baton Rouge.

And somehow, LSU won that game, 17-13.

As I watched the replay, I marveled at how the LSU defense played that day. I also marveled at how few players went on to play on Sundays.

Usually, when an upset occurs you can kind of see it happening. That one, though, is still kind of hard to figure.

For some reason, though, that one doesn't seem to get a lot of run as a great upset -- even among LSU fans.

I guess it's because people are still so down on Hallman.

Anyway, if you're an LSU fan and get a chance to see it again on SportSouth, it's worth watching.


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