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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Worth Repeating

OMAHA, Neb. - As many of you have reminded me, I did predict that LSU would win the national championship this season back during the regular season.

You could look it up.

In an April 27 column, I said, "LSU has another great baseball coach, and he will win LSU's first baseball national championship since Skip Bertman this June."

In an April 13 column, I said, "Book your trip to Omaha. LSU will be there."

Now, I did also once say that Aaron Brooks would be a great quarterback with the Saints. Didn't happen.

LSU is one win away from winning it all after beating Texas 7-6 Monday night.

People have called me bold, but really I began thinking LSU could win it all last year. LSU also entered the season No. 1 and ended the season No. 1. So how bold is that? Fans just need to remember not to get so upset over losses to Tulane and Nicholls State and ULL during the week.

Those games do not matter. They are pitching scrimmages to get your team ready for the SEC and later - like now.

When you return most of your team from Omaha, you will always have a great chance. Rare is the team that returns as much as LSU did this season.

LSU got its feet wet last season with a ninth-inning win over Rice here. It returned most of that team and added extremely high end talent and developed pitchers. Another reason is Paul Mainieri, who is an excellent coach and could go down as good as any.

It's all happening.

Mainieri named Austin Ross the starter for tonight's game minutes ago. So, if LSU doesn't take it tonight. It will take it Wednesday night with Anthony Ranaudo on the hill.

Was that another prediction?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Ross does not win the 2nd game, maybe Ranaudo faces UT's # 3 pitcher in the 3rd game. Or maybe Mainieri borrows a page from Nichols St's playbook and pitches Ross for 2 innings tonight, then a new pitcher every inning after that. LSU may not have 8 pitchers, but neither does Nichols St., and they beat LSU on April 15.

12:26 PM  

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