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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More of Les

Here is some more from Les Miles' appearance up north on Monday.

On Alabama's NCAA sanctions: "Alabama's a great school and certainly they want to do it right. There is a great throng of Alabama supporters and administrators that insist it's done correctly. The NCAA's following up and doing the right thing. I'm glad that they're there. I'm glad they're working. Certainly, we don't want to make those mistakes. It's a great lesson to all of us. The NCAA so many times comes up with rules when it comes to recruiting that is not necessarily on point. This is a no-brainer. This is something Alabama was doing that was different from the rest of the NCAA membership. It's a right decision. Thank goodness.''

On Tennessee coach Lane Kiffen: "Everybody manages their business their own way. I certainly would not want to do that here, only because I see LSU different than that. I wish him the very best. I certainly understand his want to get Tennessee out (pause). How you get it out is the key?

On an early signing period for college football: "It makes sense. I've been a proponent of it for some time. They had a survey where they surveyed all of the prospects who signed in a signing year and 40 percent said they were for an early signing date. Everybody's complaint is we change the calendar. Every school of note has a pretty good signing class right now. Theyv'e committed, why not let them sign. Do they need any more further visits? They've made the commitment. We've made the commitment to them. Whatever schoool, certainly LSU, we're bound by our word. Might as well sign.''


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