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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

World according to Les

Les Miles was in town on Monday.

Here is a sampling of what Les had to say:

On his trip to Shreveport: "I like to stay in touch and keep folks informed about what's going on in Baton Rouge, We're very loyal to this group. Certainly like to remember Jacob Hester every time I come into this town. We're going to recruit in this city and there's great prospects. I enjoy being here.''

On lower expectations this season with the Tigers picked third in the SEC West in some polls:
"I don’t mind where we’re picked. "It doesn’t make any difference. It’s all about an opportunity to earn where we finish."I think our guys understand what we’re capable of, we play to what we’re capable of. One thing about it, if they pick you first, it may be too high. If they pick you last, it’s too low. You earn where you finish. We like it that way.’’

On Chad Jones and Jared Mitchell playing in the College World Series: "Did you see Chad Jones pitch that out? I would hate to go into the batter’s box with that big man throwing balls at me.
"I look forward to an opportunity these guys have. At some point in time they come off the field with a national championship football ring and a national championship baseball opportunity. I’m so happy for Paul Mainieri and that group.’’

On Trindon Holliday's NCAA track title in the 100 meters: "That’s another national title that he puts with his national football ring,I would have to say that if you would look at our players who run track and play baseball, they’ve had the great fortune to have success in both.’’

On the advantages in recruiting by allowing two-sport athletes: "There’s no way that a track guy considers coming to LSU and does not recall the Bennie Brazells and Trindon Holliday and those guys who have participated in both. It’s just that simple.’’

More to come from Les.


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