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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Draft thoughts

OK, so everyone figured Jared Mitchell and DJ LeMahieu to be early round picks and they were. Both, coincidentally, were selected by Chicago teams. The White Sox took Mitchell in the first round and the Cubs took LeMahieu in the second.

But what about the incoming recruits?

I think most observers figured Texarkana's Slade Heathcott to be a high-round pick. Baseball America had him begged for the second round. Then, lo and behold, the New York Yankees use their first-round pick, 29th overall, on Heathcott.

I can't imagine the New York Yankees not signing their No. 1 pick. I mean, this isn't the Washington Nationals we're talking about here. You can read more on Heathcott here.

So then comes the next question: What about Zack Von Rosenberg and Brody Colvin?

Neither Von Rosenberg nor Colvin were taken in today's first three rounds -- which is good news for LSU. It remains to be seen what will happen -- but I'm guessing if they go in the first 10 rounds then it could be trouble for LSU. After that, then the Tigers could have themselves a heck of a pitching staff for three years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The article on Heathcott mentions character and academic issues. The latter is not uncommon, but the former makes me wonder.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Scott Ferrell said...

Yeah, Baseball America wrote that his "makeup also is a concern for several clubs.'' So obviously, either he's getting a bad rap in the scouting community or there is a red flag and LSU may be OK with him going pro. You just don't know.

9:27 PM  

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