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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tigers on TV

I know Fresno State was a Cinderella story in last year's College World Series. Ditto for Oregon State's two titles.But here's what you get when you put two traditionally strong programs, Texas (long tradition) and LSU (recent tradition), in the finals of the CWS -- great TV ratings.

ESPN's ratings for the CWS finals got a 2.1 rating nationally, the highest since going to the best-of-3 format in 2003. That rating was 24 percent higher than last year (1.7).

The CWS as a whole did a 1.5 rating -- up 36 percent from last year's 1.1.In Austin, the decisive game 3 did a 14.9 rating -- making it the highest-rated CWS game to air on ESPN in Austin. And in New Orleans, the game drew a whopping 21.0 rating. That made it the highest-rated cable program in New Orleans this year.

Makes you wonder if some enterprising soul will try to put those two together again some time?


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