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Monday, February 09, 2009

What do you have to do to get in the Top 25?

Having voted on the AP Top 25 basketball poll in the past, let me just say -- that thing is a beast. You're basically picking 25 teams out of 300 or so Division I teams playing. They play every night of the week for six months. And there's no way you can see a majority, much less, all of the teams playing.

Because of all of those things, I've always taken the AP Top 25 basketball poll with a grain of salt.

But in the case of LSU this year -- despite the weak schedule and the down year in the SEC --you think this might be (or should be) a top-25 team.

Well, they didn't make it Monday. They're still on the cusp -- the first team out so to speak.

If LSU wins at Mississippi State -- and that would be a worthy accomplishment the way the Bulldogs are playing -- and home against Ole Miss on the weekend, then you'll see LSU in the polls.

Personally, I thought they might get there Monday. Now, it's a little more challenging. But if the Tigers are in the poll next week, they'll have earned it.


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