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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The cost of doing business

The AP is reporting that Tennessee is paying more than $5.3 million in football coaching salaries for 2009.

The two biggest numbers that jump out are among the assistant coaching salaries.

Monte Kiffin, the Vols' defensive coordinator and father of head coach Lane Kiffin, is making $1.2 million.

That throws the scale of pay for coordinators in the SEC completely out of whack. By comparison, LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis -- who had been at Tennessee -- is making $500,000.

Now I realize Monte Kiffin is coming from the NFL, but still, $1.2 million for an assistant is a bit much.

The other number that jumped out is the salary of recruiting coordinator/defensive line coach Ed Orgeron who went from the Saints to Tennessee for $650,000.

If LSU indeed was set to pay Orgeron $600,000, then apparently the extra $50,000 got him to Knoxville.

Again, $650,000 for a position coach in college football is a little out of hand.

What the coaches at Tennessee may not understand is that their salaries will raise expectations. There will be less patience among the Tennessee fan base. There will also be less understanding if Tennessee can't crack the East's top two teams of Florida and Georgia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TN better win most of their games in the next 2 years, or the Vol fans and boosters will not be happy at this price.

6:19 AM  

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