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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Just make a decision

I would love to say I deeply care what college decision Bastrop's Rueben Randle makes.

I don't.

Don't get me wrong, like everybody else in the college coaching world I've talked to over the last year, I too, believe Rueben Randle is the real deal.

But here's the thing -- in football, it takes more than one guy. You need about 20 of them to be dominant (actually 22 would work but everybody has a weakness somewhere).

So if Rueben Randle signs with Alabama or Oklahoma, he'll make those programs better but he'll need someone to get the ball to him -- surely Sam Bradford will be gone after the 2009 season.

And if he goes to LSU, he'll need one of theTigers' quarterbacks to get the ball to him. And he'll make LSU better.

He's a glamor athlete, but wide receiver is not a premium position. You may notice, LSU's run of glory in the 2000s came at a time when the school became an assembly line for defensive line prospects. And yes, the defensive line would qualify as a premium position.

So make a decision Rueben. We'll all be glad when it's over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It helped when DeAngelo switched to Auburn since his intent yesterday to sign w/ LSU gave Rueben's dad the impression that there was too much competition at WR. I'd rather have Rueben. Benton may never make the grades.

5:43 PM  

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