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Monday, December 08, 2008

What BCS title game should have been?

BATON ROUGE - I jumped Texas from No. 2 to No. 1 in my last Associated Press poll dispatch Sunday. The BCS national championship game should be Texas and Oklahoma.

With every contender having one loss now, the Longhorns are No. 1 because they have the finest victory of the season - a 45-35 win over my No. 2 team, Oklahoma, on a neutral site. And Texas has the best body of work. Texas is the last team to hold the Sooners to below 40 points. The Longhorns' only loss was to Texas Tech on a spectacular touchdown catch in the final moments. That is the best loss of the losses of the contenders. That loss on Nov. 1 also ended probably the toughest four-game stretch that any team has had this year - the win over highly ranked Oklahoma on Oct. 11, a victory over highly ranked Missouri on Oct. 18 and a victory over highly ranked Oklahoma State on Oct. 25.

As for No. 2, no team has finished stronger than Oklahoma. The Big 12 is clearly the best league in the nation this season and deserves an all-Big 12 national title game. The Big 12 defenses are not the best, but that SEC argument doesn't hold up this year. Big 12 offenses were better than SEC defenses this year. The Big 12 offenses would put up similar numbers against SEC defenses. For the most part, the SEC schools significantly lacked quarterback talent this season.

Florida is coming off a victory over No. 1 Alabama, but how strong was that No. 1 ranking if Florida went into the game as a 10-point favorite? Alabama was fortunate to stay undefeated as long as it did and get to No. 1 because most of the teams on its schedule thought to be good in 2008 were clearly not - Clemson, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn. Florida also has a loss to Ole Miss, which is not as good as the Texas Tech team that beat Texas nor is it as good as the Texas team that beat Oklahoma.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will get to see if Ole Miss is better or worse than Texas Tech. Texas beat Okalhoma so I give them the nod. Since they have played, I'd like to see someone else play in the National Champ game. Florida looks like the best of the rest. The only game thei system gives us is the Champ game. The rest don't solve anything. Plus one, 6 team playoff...something.


1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least Ole Miss and Texas Tech play, so we can see who is best. Texas and Ok played and Texas won, so I give them the nod and I want to see someone else play Texas. Florida seems to be the best of the rest. The only thing the current system gives us in the current 1 vs 2.

We need a new system.

J. B.

1:29 PM  
Blogger ARKtiger said...

G.G. makes some good points, but I do like the apparent national opinion that the SEC champion should be in the BCS chamionship game.

5:05 PM  
Blogger malcolm said...

amen brother. let's hope UT and OU both win big to prove your excellent points.

4:06 AM  

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