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Friday, December 26, 2008

McFarland concerns

Jamarkus McFarland of Lufkin, Texas, committed to Oklahoma on Christmas Day. McFarland had also considered Texas and LSU.

McFarland's decision is softened by a class that already included All-American defensive lineman Chris Davenport of Mansfield.

However, the bigger concern appeared in a story in the New York Times. If you don't want to read the whole story, here is a sampling.

Of the four universities, L.S.U. made the worst impression. After the Tigers lost to Georgia, 52-38, on Oct. 25, McFarland, his mother and his grandmother attended a catered meal at the home of Tigers Coach Les Miles.
“He was very dry,” Adams said of Miles.
Adams was further turned off by L.S.U., she said, when she saw hostesses sitting on the laps of recruits.

Adams is McFarland's mother, Kashemeyia Adams.

The concern isn't that Miles is dry. Heck, a lot of football coaches are dry. But you do have to wonder about this whole hostess thing, especially after the Colorado scandal a few years back.

I would go so far as to say that it isn't even prudish to have that concern.

It look as if the LSU recruiting process is as undisciplined as the team has appeared to be in recent years.

Anyway, you're not going to sign every five-star kid. But it probably doesn't hurt to evaluate yourself in light of what prospects and parents say.


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