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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The anti-Perrilloux?

Who knows what Russell Shepard will do for LSU on the football field. But say this for the guy, he is off to a great start with Tigers fans.

He committed to LSU early. Then he stayed with LSU even in a season when the Tigers' quarterback situation was so mangled it looked like 2002 - or worse - all over again.

So when Shepard said earlier this week that he has already signed and sent in his letter of intent papers, you have to be impressed with his ability to stand by his word.

He's also been actively calling other prospective recruits to get them to come to school with him.

Best of all, there have been no pronouncements of Heisman Trophies and the like.

So unlike the last time LSU signed one of the nation's top quarterback prospects (that would be you Ryan Perrilloux), this time LSU looks like it got it right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shepard is more mature and classy than Perrilloux. The QB position looks much better for next year. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncaa/recruiting/football/news/story?id=3801257

6:35 AM  

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