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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday musings

OK, enough of the 10 a.m. football.

Anyway here are some thoughts:

1) LSU's defense and running game will assure the Tigers of a good season. How well the quarterbacks develop will determine if there is any greatness to this team.

2) I expected Jordan Jefferson to get on the field. While I'm not the biggest Les Miles fan in the world, I will say that I'm sure Miles has his reasons. A year ago a lot of fans screamed for Keiland Williams to play tailback, Miles went with Jacob Hester. Miles had his reason then. I figure he has his reason now.

3) The punting game needs to be addressed. If that means Josh Jasper starts handling the punting, then so be it. But you can't go into the SEC without a dependable punter.

4) Not surprised that LSU took care of business. The Tigers are familiar with this program and the Michigan upset a year ago took away any thought of overlooking this team.


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