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Monday, February 18, 2008

Can you trust this guy?

Les Miles announced today that quarterback Ryan Perriloux has been suspended for not following team rules.

If Perrilloux were a freshman arriving on campus in August, then maybe this would be understandable. But Perrilloux has been in Baton Rouge for three years now and you figure he would have figured out that following the rules would be important.

Add to the fact that this is the third time in 10 months Perrilloux has been suspended and you really have some questions.


1) What does he have to do to get booted from the team?

2) Do you really want to go into next season depending on this guy at quarterback?

3) What is Terrelle Pryor's phone number?

Seriously, Perrilloux's off-the-field antics make LSU's quarterback position precarious at best. You would have thought he would have stayed out of trouble with the starting position within his grasp.

As it is, Jarrett Lee may be the big winner. Or LSU better somehow hope to get back in the Pryor race.


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