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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A swing and a miss

Now that we've had a day to digest Michael Adams' impassioned playoff plea, here are just a few thoughts.

1) If I'm at Auburn, I'm not real happy that the Georgia president suddenly becomes interested in a college football playoff when he thinks his team got screwed. Where was Adams in 2004 when Aubie got jobbed?

2) If I'm Bernie Machen at Florida I'm not real happy with Adams. Machen stuck his head out for a playoff last year in Destin and nearly got it cut off. If Adams cared so much back then he should have spoke up then.

4) If I'm Sean O'Keefe at LSU (besides trying to keep a job) I wouldn't be happy with Adams either. What, he couldn't wait a day to spill his guts to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

5) If I'm Mark Richt I'm not real happy with Adams either. He probably bought his football team an extra dose of "atmosphere'' for next year's visit to Tiger Stadium.

In all seriousness, I have no problems with playoff proposals. I do have a problem with the timing. It showed a complete lack of class, similar to Alex Rodriguez, and respect for the championship game of college football. Of course, he probably did it for that very reason.

Will he get a playoff? I doubt it. He certainly didn't endear himself to anyong other than Bubba from Waycross who loves those Dogs.


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