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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bourbon Street littered in ... Scarlet and Grey?

I haven't truly made it to Bourbon Street ... I'm sick as a dog, but managed to get to Krystal's at the mouth of Bourbon. But during my walk from near the Convention Center, across Poydras and down Canal, I was overwhelmed by the support for one of the teams in Monday's BCS national championship game.
And it wasn't LSU.
Maybe most of the folks from Baton Rouge were going to make a short weekend of it while the Buckeyes supporters worked this into a vacation, but Ohio State is incredibly well-represented here. I have to hand it to supporters of "The" university, they handled all the heckling in stride. Ohio State fans may rival LSU's in numbers so far, but the Tiger clan is still the most obnoxious.
Is there apathy in Tiger Land? Overconfidence?
I doubt it, but Monday's sea of colors in the Superdome will tell the truth.
What will dominate? Purple and Gold or Scarlet and Grey?


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