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Friday, January 04, 2008

LSU could get first exclusive title

NEW ORLEANS - LSU claims three national championships in football, but not one of them is considered exclusive. That could happen Monday in the BCS national championship game should the No. 2 Tigers (11-2) beat No. 1 Ohio State (11-1).

There is some talk that BCS No. 7 USC (11-2) could capture the Associated Press poll as it may be the hottest team in the nation and looked very good in its Rose Bowl victory, though that was over an Illinois team that looked very average.

USC will get some votes for No. 1, but I do not think it will get the No. 1 position. No team that loses to a 4-8 team during the regular season should even be considered for the national title, and that's what happened. USC fell to Stanford 24-23 at home on Oct. 6, and Stanford finished 4-8.

Georgia (11-2) supposedly has an argument, and it looked very good in beating Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. Unfortunately, Hawaii looked like it could not have won a LHSAA state championship in the dome in its white leotards.

Some ESPN writers think USC may get to No. 1, but remember they work for ESPN, which has had a little trouble with getting things right lately. Whoever wins Monday will get No. 1 in the major polls, bank on it.

And it will be the first unanimous title for the Tigers. LSU claims a 1935 national championship when the Tigers went 9-2. Something called "Williamson" ranked LSU No. 1, while the AP had 8-0 Minnesota No. 1. "Dickinson" had SMU No. 1. This was a time when strange publications and organizations ranked college football teams. Alabama claims some titles from Mad magazine. Just kidding.

In 1958, LSU was No. 1 in APand in United Press International, but it should be noted that the Football Writers Association of America tabbed Iowa No. 1. LSU finished 11-0 with a Sugar Bowl win over No. 12 Clemson, while Iowa was 8-1-1 after a 38-12 win over No. 16 Cal in the Rose Bowl. And the FWAA is and has been respected as a judge of college football much better than "Williamson" or "Dickinson."

It was the FWAA that rightfully judged 10-0-1 Ole Miss No. 1 in 1960, while the AP and UPI picked 8-2 Minnesota No. 1. Minnesota, by the way, is the last two-loss team to win a national championship. It lost the Rose Bowl to Washington, which finished 10-1 and won the title according to the Helms Athletic Foundation, whatever that is.

Ole Miss beat Rice in the Sugar Bowl that year.

Then in the 2003 season, LSU (13-1) won the BCS national title game right here over No. 1 Oklahoma, but USC (12-1) took the AP title after beating No. 4 Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

So should LSU hold up No. 1 Monday, it could be seen as the first No. 1 across the board.


Blogger D.D. said...

Alabama claims sme titles from Mad magazine,hilarious.When exactly will your infatuation with Alabama end? Even though you are writing a story about LSU,you can't help but mention ALABAMA. Priceless! ROLL TIDE!!!

9:54 AM  

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