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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ole Miss thoughts

I pick up this week's Sporting News and they're talking about LSU-Ole Miss being close because several teams in the conference have played well after open weeks and well Ole Miss was open last week.

Then I remember Seth Adams and Brent Schaeffer are the Ole Miss quarterbacks.

I hear talking heads on the radio reminding everyone that Ole Miss led 20-7 going into the fourth quarter in Baton Rouge last year. And, as we're told, LSU was better last year. (Never mind that team never sniffed No. 1).

Of course, what people don't want to remember is that earlier in the day Arkansas clinched the West's spot in the SEC Championship Game. Thus, LSU's game with Ole Miss didn't carry quite the same pop as it could have.

So I'm torn on this one.

I find it hard to believe an SEC team can go winless in the conference. Yet I believe Ole Miss will be underdog in its season finale at Mississippi State and is an underdog today. So the odds don't look good there.

The Rebels have also played good at times. But they were downright horrible at home against Arkansas.

So who knows what you'll get there.

And LSU. Well, LSU is still looking for that team from the first month of the season.

Even against Tech last week, there were moments of head-scratching play.

My mind says LSU wins this one. But my gut says this may be harder than some people expect.


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