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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's Tech week

BATON ROUGE - There's a feeling in the air. You can slice the anticipation with a knife. It's all over the LSU campus. It's all over downtown. You could feel it amid the 20 or so people at the LSU exhibition basketball game Tuesday night.

Yes, it's Tech week!

LSU hosts Louisiana Tech Saturday in one of the most hotly anticipated football games since 2-7 LSU (6-14 counting the season before) hosted Houston in 1999. There was so much talent on those teams left for the next LSU coach, it's amazing they weren't winning before he came along.

Tech is coached by Derek Dooley, who used to be the recruiting coordinator at the new LSU from 2000-04 before he dared to leave to go to the NFL. The mere mention of his name makes LSU fans foam at the mouth. They call him "Fooley," and "Satan II," and of course, "Nick Jr." There will be hateful T-shirts all over Tiger Stadium. The LSU players plan to give LSU coach Les Miles the game ball after the game to assure him that they are his players even though Dooley recruited many of them.

Will Miles and Dooley talk before the game on the field? Will they shake hands after the game? And will Dooley ask Miles to keep him mind for an assistant's job at LSU down the road should things not work out at Tech, like they don't work out for most Tech coaches? Dooley is now realizing the best years of his life were at LSU.

Tech-LSU. Enough said. It's clearly one of the best in-state rivalries in the country, right there with Evangel-Calvary. OK, it's not that bloody.

Tickets are going for $5, and I'm not talking about pairs either.

So much tradition. So little time. Who can forget the last meeting? Oops, I just did. Let me check. Oh, here it is. LSU 49, Tech 10 on Nov. 1, 2003. Such a memorable season. LSU won the national championship that year. So many memories. Yet, I forgot they played Tech.

And who can forget the game before that? Why, it was in 1941 - LSU 25, Tech 0.

Spielberg later made his worst movie about it. It was called, "1941." And it was bad.

Remember Tech's lone win in the series - 6-0 in Ruston in 1904? And Ruston has not changed a bit since.

LSU leads this series 16-1, but it has not been as close as that score indicates.
The Tigers have played many thrilling games this season. This is sure to be another one. Actually, Tech nearly beat undefeated Hawaii early this season and has shown progress under Dooley. If the Tigers can commit another 25 or 30 penalties, maybe it will be close.

Contact your local cable company if you want to see this one on TigerVision. Either that or if you have a dish, it will be on ESPN17.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, a sports writer going on 12 years old. Maybe in the next blog you could talk about Tech's "Momma" somehow. This blog is something expected out of an 8th grader's yearbook, not by "respected" journalist.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. What a "great" column for Gannett readers north of I-10 to read . . . and they're not all Tiger fans.
Oh, I get it. Guilbeau was trying to be funny.

1:21 PM  

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