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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I just came across this column from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and it got me to thinking.

Is LSU the least respected No. 1-ranked team in recent college football memory?

Granted some of those Ohio State teams of the Craig Krenzel era weren't overwhelmed with respect.

But it seems like everyone wants a piece of LSU these days.

And it's not just in Atlanta. The folks over in Mississippi are talking upset too.

Granted, a loss to Kentucky isn't the norm for a No.1-ranked team. But the Wildcats were ranked, playing at home and needed three overtimes to win.

LSU's sloppy play at Alabama and close calls with Auburn and Florida have seemingly erased the memory of Virginia Tech.

The only way LSU will regain that respect is to return to the form of the season's first month. And with the loss of Charles Alexander on the defensive front and playing without linebacker Darry Beckwith this week, it may not be that easy.


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