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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brady on a Rolle

DESTIN, Fla. - LSU men's basketball coach John Brady is still clearly upset about the sudden departure of sophomore power forward Magnum Rolle last week. Rolle, who struggled to replace Tyrus Thomas last season and averaged just 4 points and 4 rebounds, told Brady that unless he was given the freedom to shoot from all over the court he would transfer.

Brady said no, and Rolle is looking into a transfer. Brady has had a steady flow of transfers since he became coach at LSU in 1997.

"Everybody in our league has had players leave," Brady said at the Southeastern Conference spring meetings this week. "There was a list of 147 transfers in men's basketball this year. They don't care about the APR (Academic Progress Rate). My attitude is at the end of the day, if John Brady or any basketball coach hadn't graduated enough players, hadn't won enough games, hadn't represented the university in the way it should ... get another guy."

Brady remains amazed at Rolle's request.

"He just wanted to be all over the floor and shoot it," Brady said. "He got bad advice. He doesn't see the picture right. We've put several in the NBA at that position (Ronald Dupree, Brandon Bass, Tyrus Thomas). Not one of them walked into my office and expected me to allow them to do that. They got where they wanted because they listened. They were patient and they learned and got better. Tyrus Thomas didn't walk in my office and say, 'Coach, I expect you to get me to the NBA, and here's what you've got to let me do.' C'mon! That's not the way it is."


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