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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lay off the catnip, PETA

PETA, PETA, PETA. What are you doing now? There is dog blood in Michael Vick's house - allegedly - and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals don't want a live Mike VI at LSU.


There is dog fighting all over the United States, and you don't want another live tiger to be in the luxurious, $3 million, 15,000-square feet, realistic habitat at LSU that dwarfs dormitories and classrooms for the human tiger students. (It also dwarfs the inches of work space LSU's athletic department allows reporters, but so what we're all animals.)

PETA says a habitat should be judged by acres, not feet. Yeah, call me when you enter the real world.

PETA says that 15,000 square feet of space is a far cry from a tiger's normal "living space" of 400 square miles. Oh, OK. Well, let's just get rid of all the zoos.

So what if millions and millions of people who have visited zoos for years and years no longer gain an appreciation of animals and thus cut down on those people who aspire to one day work for PETA.

PETA is a great organization. I'm glad we have it after I watch some episodes of Animal Cops. But get your priorities in order. There are bigger fish to fry - oops sorry - than another tiger getting to live luxuriously at LSU. I'd like to hear more about PETA's practical work, such as what the Animal Cops do.


Blogger GumboFilé said...

Your understanding of PETA ("PETA is a great organization") is quite naive, to say the least. Their ultimate goal is for animals to have (so-called) "rights" equal to human rights. Not only do they want no hunting or eating of animals, they absolutely do want to abolish all zoos. They want to abolish all ownership of animals by humans. Their public posturing and PR is for the purpose of raising funds for their lobbying efforts. I think they're deluded if they really think they can succeed, but any organization that seeks to use the coercive power of the state to control their fellow human beings is certainly not great.

12:46 AM  

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