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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Earth to Brady Quinn

Notre Dame's Brady Quinn was the subject of a weekly conversation at ESPN.com this week.

Quinn had some interesting observations about two Irish losses. Here is what he told ESPN.com:

"This year, we didn't beat a couple teams that were very good. I think in order to beat those teams we needed to play at a higher level -- it's not as if we were favored in those games. We had some tough games. We were at USC and we were playing LSU in the Sugar Bowl down in New Orleans, which was pretty much a home game for them. Those were some tough games and we knew as a team that we needed to play better. Those are team losses, not individual losses.''

Excuse me, but does he honestly think Notre Dame is winning either or both of those games at different venues?

Look, if you want to go along with the whole "team loss'' thing, that's fine. But I would venture to guess that the vast majority of football folks wouldn't expect the Irish to win either or both of those games regardless of where it was played.


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