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Friday, March 09, 2007

Babies grow up

Better enjoy it now, LSU fans. Because babies grow up, and then they leave.

Not since Shaquille O'Neal has a LSU men's basketball player dominated a game and delivered a win with his sheer force and will the way Glen "Big Baby" Davis did Wednesday night.

Davis scored 25 points, including 22 in the second half and seven in overtime, to take the sixth-seeded Tigers over the No. 22 and third-seeded Tennessee Volunteers, 76-67, at the Southeastern Conference tournament in Atlanta.

Don't blow it, LSU fans. Watch this guy play tonight and enjoy it. Because it could be one of his last games. Don't do what you did with JaMarcus Russell. Don't wait until he's gone to realize how great he is.

Russell and Davis are two of the best players - not just athletes - players that LSU has had in any sport in decades. Yet, they're treated like they cause more problems than they win games. And all they do is win games.

LSU doesn't win that game without Davis. LSU doesn't win most of its 17 wins this season without Davis. LSU doesn't get to the Final Four last year without Davis. LSU doesn't win the SEC last year without Davis.

And LSU needed a basketball win last night with all the mystery and controversy suddenly surrounding the women's program. The men's season has been a controversy-riden ride as well with coach John Brady and some subservient media criticizing Davis for being a selfish ball hog.

Does 15 rebounds mean you're selfish? I guess he could've let somebody else get them.

Davis proved last night that he should be a ball hog. He's clearly the best player on the team. So get him the ball. LSU was not better without Davis. The players jealous of Davis just played better because they wanted the spotlight.

This so called new offense of LSU cracks me up. It's kind of like the Chicago Bulls offense with Michael Jordan - let's do something different without Jordan until it counts. This is what happened Saturday against South Carolina when Davis was somewhat ignored through most of the game. Then he personally outscored the Gamecocks 9-0 late in the game to deliver the win.

He did the same thing against Tennessee. He took only three shots in the first half. He knew his time would come.

LSU still has to win three games in three days, including tonight's 8:45 game against Ole Miss, to reach the NCAA Tournament. That's a disadvantage. But LSU is the only team in the field with Glen Davis. I like LSU's chances.

Enjoy the games and realize what you have in this Big Baby and are about to lose.


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