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Friday, March 02, 2007

Good grief

What is it about former LSU football coaches taking credit from the players?

First, there was Nick Saban. During recruiting, he was taking credit for the success of the LSU program and the 22-4 record over the last two seasons. Saban certainly should be given credit for recruiting the vast majority of those players. But being in Miami for the last two years should prevent him from taking credit for the achievements of the last two seasons.

Now, former LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher is doing some of the same things.

Fisher told the Tallahassee Democrat he thinks his departure from LSU to Florida State played a part in Russell's decision to leave Baton Rouge a year early for the NFL.


JaMarcus Russell was gone the moment the Superdome clock read 0:00 after the Sugar Bowl. He could have had Bill Walsh or Vince Lombardi for a position coach and it wouldn't affect that decision.

But it seems like with these guys it's always about the coaches and not the players.


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