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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where in the world is Ron Powlus?

Where in the world in Ron Powlus?

The four Heisman Trophy man. Remember him?

The man Beano Cook said would win the most coveted college football award in each of his seasons at Notre Dame (he didn’t win one) is still around.

I was shocked to see Powlus as I thumbed through the Notre Dame Bowl Guide.

He is in his second season as the director of personnel development for the football program.

The four-year starter for the Irish set 20 records at Notre Dame, but could only garner free agent status with the Tennessee Oilers in 1998.

Powlus made the Detroit Lions’ preseason roster in 1999 and the Philadelphia Eagles’ in 2000. After a trip to NFL Europe, Powlus called it quits.

The 32-year old is now married with two kids and again finds himself in South Bend. This time, the spotlight isn’t so bright.


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