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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bad timing

JaMarcus Russell's announcement on Wednesday that he was turning pro was rather symbolic of his time at LSU.

It was always about someone else.

On Wednesday, Russell would have been the lead story in college football - if not for USC wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett announcing he was going pro.

Russell would have had the stage to himself in Baton Rougeon Wednesay - if not for news reports concerning a federal investigation involving backup Ryan Perrilloux.

It was always that way for Russell in Baton Rouge. In his first season playing, it was about splitting time with Marcus Randall.

The last two years were spent fending off Matt Flynn and those Flynn supporters who insisted that Flynn, not Perrilloux, was LSU's best option. Those people have been rather quiet lately.

So Russell will leave LSU with a Western Division championship, a Sugar Bowl championship, a No. 3 rating in the country and not much appreciation.

It will probably only be after he is gone that JaMarcus Rusell will truly be appreciated by LSU fans.


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