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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Liar's club

Boy, it looks like lying runs in the Saban family.

Check out this snippet from the AP's coverage of Nick Saban's introductory news conference at Alabama on Thursday.

And the warm reception on Wednesday afternoon didn’t hurt, either. Saban said when he arrived at LSU from Michigan State as a less well-known coach, it was just him, an equipment manager and his agent.
Not this time.
"When the plane landed, we were overwhelmed that there was this huge crowd of people just cheering, like your mother’s saying, ’Come on home,’" Terry Saban said.

First of all, I was at Saban's introductory news conference at LSU. The room was packed. If no one was at the airport to greet him maybe it was because PEOPLE HAVE LIVES.

And now Terry Saban is saying, it's "like your mother's saying, 'Come on home.'''


When they leave Alabama in four or five years they'll be saying the same thing at their new place of employment.

These people have lost all credibility over the last few days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks in Alabama do have lives. I'm a physician. I have a life. I also love football. We treat everyone like family here in Bama and it is called common courtesy.

I took my son there with me to show him history being made. I took time out of my day to have my partner cover for me so I can experience a piece of history in which Saban joined Alabama football.

I've met both of them. They are very sweet people and Saban genuinely cares about his players and football.

I suggest you take a step back and think before you post. By doing that, you will sound like less of an idiot.

3:04 PM  

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