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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday's wreckage

Wow, USC certainly threw a wrench into things on Saturday.

Let's start at the very top. Ohio State was set to play USC. Not so fast. USC's loss to UCLA opens the door for Florida and Michigan. I think Florida deserves to play in the game - look at the teams the Gators beat this season. But I figure Michigan will play because, hey, the SEC gets ripped off in these deals.

But what looked like a Michigan-LSU Rose Bowl could now be a USC-Rose Bowl if Michigan is in the title game. Or, if Michigan isn't, LSU could be aced out of the Rose Bowl by Michigan and USC.

So if Florida gets the bad end of the deal, LSU will be in the Rose Bowl. If Florida doesn't, then LSU will get left out in the Rose Bowl.

The good news is LSU will play in a BCS bowl game somewhere. It may be in Miami against Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl or in the Sugar Bowl against Notre Dame.

Either way, LSU should be in good shape.

But nothing ever comes easy.


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