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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wait one cotton pick'n minute

As LSUBeat.com's Glenn Guilbeau has reported, LSU does not seem all too interested in playing in the Cotton Bowl. Any bowl game residing within the borders of Florida would do the Tigers just fine. However, reports from the north say otherwise.

According to Tom Shatel of the Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska and LSU are the likely combatants in Dallas. The OWH has been picking this game for weeks.

"The Cotton wants Nebraska. The opponent, according to a source in the Cotton Bowl office, would be LSU."

ESPN has also pegged LSU as Cotton-bound a number of times depending upon the results of the previous week.

Having covered the Huskers during their run of three titles in four years, I suspect the corn-fed Red may be licking their chops for another shot at LSU. Nebraska has a perfect record facing LSU in bowl games (4-0 & 12-3 vs. the SEC). However, having watched LSU up close now for three seasons, the Cornhuskers should want no part of LSU in this or any other bowl game this season.

(Although Bo Pelini would probably want this just as much as his first head coaching job. NU Coach Bill Callahan showed Pelini the door in Lincoln once Callahan was selected over Pelini to take over the program.)

Tiger fans may want to avoid a Cotton bowl game as much as the LSU administration if only because this wouldn't be much of a game.

Prediction: LSU 42, Nebraska 17.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How likely is the Cotton Bowl for you? We're trying to figure out who we'll be getting pounded by the Outback Bowl. ESPN.com seems to think it's LSU.

2:40 PM  

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