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Monday, November 20, 2006

Perception vs. reality

While watching a Shreveports sportscast the other night, the difference between perception and reality was hammered home.

The two anchors at the sports desk were talking about LSU football. Both agreed the Tigers are a one-dimensional team.

One-dimensional team? Huh?

In the time that it takes to click on secsports.com. (and it's less than a minute) you can find stats that prove just how wrong that perception is.

LSU ranks second in the SEC in rushing offense (only Arkansas is better). The Tigers are third in passing offense.

That's hardly a one-dimensional team.

However, because LSU struggled to run the ball early in the season, particularly at Auburn, there is this perception that LSU can't run the football.

The reality is LSU's running game has improved because of better line play and because JaMarcus Russell has made some plays with his feet as well. It doesn't hurt that Keiland Williams gave the team a boost as well.

So the next time someone tries to tell you LSU is one-dimensional, show them the facts.


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