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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stranger things ....

LSU is still mathematically alive in the SEC West race.

But the Tigers need a lot of luck.

First, the Tigers need Arkansas to lose twice to get to a tie in the West standings. That would require not only LSU winning on the Friday after Thanksgiving against the Razorbacks, it would also require Arkansas losing Saturday at Mississippi State.

State may have already used its upset for the year winning at Alabama. And Arkansas likely can see Atlanta from where it is now.

But say those things happen. Say Arkansas does lose its last two.

LSU still wouldn't be in Atlanta with just that scenario. Because if Auburn wins against Alabama on Saturday, you'd have a three-way tie and Auburn would be headed for Atlanta via the tiebreaker.

Thus, if you are an LSU fan this week you are cheering for two things - 1) a Mississippi State win and 2) an Alabama win.

Strange bedfellows this SEC football.


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