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Friday, September 01, 2006

LSU is off to the Sugar Bowl ... so says ESPN

OK, it is ridiculous to be making bowl projections prior to the start of the college football season, but that doesn't stop ESPN from taking a stab at it or me from looking in.

Sorry Tiger fanatics, but LSU will not make it to the BCS Championship Game. ESPN has given you all a great parting gift, hosting Notre Dame at the Sugar Bowl.

If not for the national championship, I'd take that over anything else.

There is one SEC school ESPN predicts will make the BCS title game, Mark Schlabach says it will be Auburn and Ohio State on Jan. 8. Of the BCS bowls, only LSU represents the SEC, a slap in the face of whoever comes out of the SEC East.

Looking further down the bowl hierarchy, ESPN likes Georgia to face Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl (nice), Florida to face Michigan in the Capitol One (yawn), Iowa and Tennessee would face off in the Outback (welcome back, Vols!), Arkansas and V-Tech in the Chick-fil-A (not likely), UCF meets Alabama at the Liberty Bowl (would Bama even show?), Spurrier's crew would face Georgia Tech for the Music City Bowl (Spurrier is no longer Mr. January), and finally, Ole Miss and Missouri face off in the Independence Bowl (hello, Petro!).

Like I said, LSU could do so much worse than Notre Dame in New Orleans.


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