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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Say what?

So I'm at the library with my 7-year-old daughter in the kids section and there is a copy of Sports Illustrated for Kids. It's the magazine's college football issue.

I decide to pick it up and just see how SI for Kids is shaping the minds of young sports fans. And was I in for a surprise.

The magazine's preseason No. 1 pick? Florida. Excuse me, but isn't this the same Florida program that hasn't played in the SEC Championship Game since 2000? This is the same Florida team that has Chris Leak trying to run the spread option.

Then, at No. 2 is Michigan. Look, if you want to pick Michigan No. 2 in the Big Ten, then I'm with you. But No. 2 in the country? What kind of joke is this?

OK, so where is LSU in this magazine? Glad you asked. SI for Kids has the Tigers ranked No. 8. That's in line with a lot of other publications and rankings, so there is no gripe there.

The gripe comes with what was said about LSU. The magazine looks at what could go right and what could go wrong for the Tigers. Under what could go wrong, it suggests a potential quarterback controversy if JaMarcus Russell doesn't play well. That's hardly a novel concept. What is new is the magazine suggests fans and reporters will be clamoring for RYAN PERRILLOUX.

Uh, Perrilloux hasn't taken a snap in a college football game. More likely, the screaming would be for No. 2 quarterback Matt Flynn.

So that's what the kids are being fed these days - a bunch of hogwash.


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