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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Only in baseball

The next time the LSU football coaching job comes open do you think the Notre Dame coach will come calling? Probably not.

But Paul Mainieri's decision to leave Notre Dame for LSU is important for a couple of reasons.

One, LSU didn't have to settle for a coach from a mid-major. Sorry, LSU is in no position for on-the-job training. Smoke Laval tried to make the jump from a head coach at the Southland to a head coach in the SEC and it didn't work.

Two, LSU's program is still held in high regard to get the Notre Dame coach to come down to the South. Sure, LSU fans may have preferred to have Jim Wells or Mike Bianco, but getting a coach to move within the conference isn't always the easiest. And George Horton was always a long shot.

No, LSU fans ought to be happy with Mainieri. His Notre Dame teams have consistently won. He has recruited well there. He has ties to the area.

All in all, it appears to be a good hire. Check back in four years.


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