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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Texas two step

There was an interesting note in The Sporting News a couple of weeks ago about LSU's interest in playing a football game in Dallas.

The magazine noted that "LSU wants a game in Dallas, and the city and the Texas State Fair are trying to make it happen against a Big 12 team.''

OK, so far so good. I understand LSU wanting to get its foot in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. There are a lot of good football players in that area. There is a growing number of alums in the Metroplex. So far, I'm with them.

The magazine continues: "The problem: No one wants to play the Tigers. LSU even asked about Notre Dame, and the Irish said no thanks because they want to schedule neutral games in Florida (Orlandon and Jacksonville).''

I imagine Notre Dame feels comfortable enough in Texas that the Irish don't feel the need to play there. Florida, on the other hand, is also a key area for recruiting. So I guess I can see the Irish bailing out.

Back to The Sporting News: "LSU wants to restart its series with Texas A&M - the last game between the two was in 1995 with LSU leading the series 26-20-3 - but lingering animosity between the programs could prevent that.''

I don't remember animosity. I remember Texas A&M not wanting to aid LSU in recruiting in Texas, which is perfectly understandable - especially the way the Aggies have been getting carved up by Texas and OU and to some degree LSU, in recruiting in that state.

Back to The Sporting News: "Texas and Oklahoma already play in Dallas each year, so that likely leaves Texas Tech as the last alternative for LSU.''

If that's the case, then you almost have to wonder if it's worth it. Let's face it, winning a game against Texas Tech wouldn't carry the same ring as winning a game against Texas or A&M or OU. And losing to Texas Tech certainly is no way to keep the fan base happy.

As it is right now, LSU can want to get into Texas all it wants. It's just going to need a willing partner to help get the Tigers in the Lone Star State.


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