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Friday, June 23, 2006

Windy City Bound?

The Chicago Bulls are on the clock ... will they go Tyrus Thomas or Brandon Roy?

(Toronto is still rumored to be in that foreign-born draft mode, you know, that style of player in crunch time that worked out so well for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.)

The Bulls have a need for both and do see themselves as contenders in the NBA Eastern Conference. So, if you're John Paxon, do you go with the athletic freak of nature (Thomas) or the player most ready to contribute (Roy)?

Here's what Chicago Tribune's Sam Smith says about Thomas:

"He came out of the Orlando pre-draft camp with a measurement of 6-8¼ with shoes, which is small, but with a 9-foot reach. And it didn't seem good that he bailed out of part of his Bulls workout with a stomachache, though there were reports of a groin injury. Tyson Chandler had a similar episode working out for Washington in 2001, which is one reason the Wizards passed on him. (It didn't quite work out with Kwame Brown, though, did it?) Is Thomas the next Stromile Swift or Shawn Marion? The Bulls complained last season of being small at all the positions, and Thomas wouldn't change that much. But Marion, to whom he's likened at times, is awfully effective playing inside. Plus, it seems Thomas can guard multiple positions. Dallas is in the Finals without a true post presence and the Bulls can get someone with size in free agency and perhaps in next year's draft with the pick they can exchange with the Knicks."

Thomas would do well to end up in a Bulls jersey. Compared to the teams surrounding the Bulls second pick, Toronto, Charlotte and Portland, the Bulls are by far the most stable. Toronto is in never-never land, Charlotte's biggest addition was Michael Jordan becoming part-owner and Portland is, well, Portland.

The suspence will end soon, the NBA Draft is in less than a week.


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