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Sunday, May 31, 2009

It ain't football

I am a little surprised by the panic button being pushed by some regarding the team's offensive production of late.

First of all, it's ONLY TWO GAMES. That's not even a series, much less a slump.

Now, if after three games in the regional and three games in a Super Regional and a couple of games in Omaha, the team is still scratching for runs, then there is a problem.

As it is, it's TWO GAMES. LSU hit fine in the SEC Tournament. The Tigers will likely hit fine again -- although, let's not forget, the degree of difficulty should improve as you go along in the NCAA Tournament.

No, a bigger problem would be if the pitching were struggling. As it is, LSU has gotten phenomenal starting pitching this weekend with both Austin Ross and Anthony Ranaudo putting up double-digit strikeouts. And you could say that LSU has its best pitcher this season -- Louis Coleman -- on the mound tonight.

Skip Bertman used to lecture about how baseball was different than football. Maybe the Skipper needs to come back for another lesson.


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