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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Senior Day Blues

I'm sure this has happened before -- losing on Senior Day in three major sports-- but I can't remember it at LSU.

Yet that is exactly what happened this school year. The football team lost at home on Senior Day to Ole Miss, 31-13. The men's basketball team lost on its Senior Day to Vanderbilt, 75-67. And baseball lost to Florida today on its Senior Day, 9-3.

Of those three, the baseball game is the easiest to explain. Anything can happen in a baseball game, Florida's a tough team and it would have been hard to sweep a team like the Gators in three games. That one is understandable.

The one hardest to believe -- at least to me -- is the men's basketball loss. That was an SEC champion team that lost at home to Vanderbilt.

Football, was hard to believe, just because it was Ole Miss. But considering the way Ole Miss ended the season and the way LSU endedthe regular season, it's not so hard to believe now.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see if anyone at LSU wants to discontinue Senior Day activities after this year.


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