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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Super Tiger Weekend? Not

Yeah, I know, they call it Super Tiger Weekend because of the spring football game and a bunch of spring sports.

I get it.

What I don't understand is how LSU has lost three of its last four to Nicholls State and now Tennessee?

I realize it's baseball. I realize things happen. I realize it's a long season.

I also realize there is a disturbing trend of playing to the level of the competition. When Georgia's ranked No. 1, the Tigers take their 'A' game on the road. When Nicholls comes to town, they pound out four hits.

Another disturbing trend is pitcher Austin Ross is starting to go the wrong way. That's three straight starts where he's been less than stellar.

The bullpen did him no favors, either on Sunday.

After the big win on Friday, the defense let down the Tigers on Saturday and the pitching did the same on Sunday. And there were no big bats to bail out the defense or the pitching.

The good news? It's mid-April.

The bad news? May and important games are coming up soon.


Blogger Jerrol said...

I think this is a very immature team, notwithstanding the great amount of talent. They are ranked #1 on Monday; then they can't trouble themselves to show for Nichols... just throw the hats on the field, it's all good. Then, motivated and focused after the loss to Nichols, they pound Tennessee 18-3. Now, because everybody is thinking sweep the vastly inferior volunteers, we can't focus and get into the games on Saturday and Sunday. These guys do not, at this time, have the ability to motivate themselves to play well against a "perceived" inferior opponent. No urgency. Until they fix this they will continue to lose to teams they should handle.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lessons are: you gotta want it more than the other team, and you better bring your 'A' game every time. The men's basketball team could have taught the baseball team these things, after ending the regular season w/ 2 losses [in between wins over KY]. As Thornton said, 'we needed to get back to where we was'.

12:26 PM  

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